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We provide bulk email marketing solution. We provide bulk mailing, SMTP servers with complete bulk mailing software installed, along with IP rotation, feedback loop managaement  and email databases, All under one roof.

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Packages starting from just $10/month We are the most economical providers on the internet. Our packages start from as low as $10 and you can send as much as 10,000 emails in that price. You can also avail discounts on sending bulk emails.
Send emails to unlimited Subscribers We apply no restrictions on the number of subscribers.You can send multiple emails to a small number of subscribers or enjoy sending emails to millions. It is totally your choice to manage your subscribers.
Don't exceed your budget anyways We offer packages for all types of customers. No matter how much your budget is, you can always rely upon us. We provide custom quotes to all queries to help clients in maintaining their expenditure.
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